Thursday, January 24, 2008

Extraordinary Desserts

Photo by kimberlykv

One of my favorite places to eat in San Diego is a divine restaurant called Extraordinary Desserts. They have the most delicious cakes, tortes, fruit tarts, cookies and over 30 flavors of fresh ice cream. All the desserts are displayed in elegantly glass cases, inviting you to drool over them. One thing that makes it even better though is while it may not look it, it is actually quite kid friendly. My husband and I have taken our nine month old with us multiple times, and each time it's been a pleasant experience. The restaurant itself is pretty loud, so we didn't have to worry about him making too much noise. Each time we went, we were greeted with smiles and promptly provided with a high chair. Our son enjoyed looking at all the colorful desserts and even met a few other baby friends there. What's more is that it has a great adult atmosphere, making it perfect for a romantic date WITH your child!

Another reason we love to go is not only for the desserts but for the variety of cheese they offer. It's so relaxing to go and sample the different cheeses (more on our cheese tastings in an upcoming post.) Their sandwiches are also wonderful. For those of you whose mouths are now watering and don't have the good fortune of living in San Diego, keep checking their website. They are working on providing some of their desserts through their online store. Oh, they also make a mean white hot chocolate - worth it for the trip alone.

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  1. That restaurant sounds absolutely divine! I love it when restaurants manage to successfully operate a business that is kid-friendly, but also "adult-approved." I hope they decide to branch out and come to AZ!


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