Friday, February 1, 2008

All You Magazine

I recently discovered a great magazine that really covers all the bases - it's called all you. I'm sure that all of us would like to think of ourselves as interesting people with a variety of interests. That said, all the magazines I peruse seemed to focus on one thing only. I could pick up one magazine that focused on fashion and beauty, another for food and health, one for home decorating and yet another one for parenting. I always found myself wishing that all of these topics could be covered under one magazine. Enter all you magazine...this one has it all. It's chock-full of beauty and parenting tips, yummy recipes, decorating ideas, inspirational articles about real people, and even crossword puzzles. There are also tons of manufacturer's coupons included, so that you can even save some money the next time you go shopping!

Another thing I love about the magazine is the lack of endless ads. It always frustrates me when a magazine seems to have twice as many ads as articles. This one keeps its ads to a minimum. You can also sign up to be a "Reality Checker", which gives you the opportunity to test new products for free and contribute your words and ideas to all you. Sign up here. The magazine is sold exclusively at Walmart or you can purchase a subscription at the all you website.

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  1. Thanks for the referral. I might feature this on an upcoming Tuesday Tours. :)


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