Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today I felt inspired to re-read the poem I wrote in college called Sparkle. This is the one that I referred to in my very first post, and it's "what makes my heart sparkle." I sat down one night in my dorm room and before I knew it, these words had spilled out onto the page. I became one step closer to discovering who I was that night and felt a great sense of peace and comfort. Whenever I want to re-visit that feeling I read my poem. I thought that I would share it with all of you:


Stars twinkling in the vast realm of eternity
The midnight-blue sky scintillates in their presence.
It rests in deep, silent thought; waves of comfort fill its soul.
The stars share their energy, their true essence shining through
to those that can see.
Somewhere, a pair of eyes is searching
They rest upon the stars, and for a moment all is still.
Warmth fills the atmosphere, and the stars smile.
The Sparkle.
And the pair of eyes begins to sparkle too, as they have seen the
true essence of the stars.
For the stars did recognize a searching soul who believes in their
The light reaches the heart of the one who can see.
The heart Sparkles
Shivers, fleeing throughout the body, generating tears
Believe, for without faith the sparkles will hide themselves
Search, for often they are disguised
Listen, but see with your heart
See, but listen to what your heart says
For the heart knows what the eyes and ears do not.
Sparkles all around, pleading to be recognized
See them, as they exist in all things.
And when you discover one, pass it on - for the greatest sparkle of
all is the one that is shared.

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  1. Simply beautiful, Marissa. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely!

    and thanks for your comment on "Ode to Umbrella Moments"!

  3. Thank you for sharing yourself. Ah, did I hear words from "The Little Prince"? (your fathers favorite) What year did you write the poem?

  4. Lovely, lovely poem. THanks for sharing. I'm so glad I "met" you on the party circuit.


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