Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ten Random Things About Me

In honor of all the fantastic blog partying that's going on right now (thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom), I thought I would share a few random things about myself that you may or may not know:

1. I'm obsessed with collecting brochures. Whenever I go to a hotel or a tourist attraction, I always leave with a stash of them. I love how they're colorful and glossy and I really enjoy reading them. I'll even call local hotels in my city and ask them to send me a brochure. I have piles of them sitting at home taking up space, but I like reading them too much, I can't get rid of them!

2. I'm a ballerina. Well, I retired after I had my baby but "once a dancer, always a dancer" right? I majored in ballet in college and I've performed with a few companies so I guess you could say I was pretty into it. Any fellow dancers out there?

3. I know I'm a girl, but I love to play video games! Whenever we have company over and they see the Nintendo, they always assume that my husband is the gamer. Actually my husband couldn't care less about video games. It's always fun to correct them and say that they're mine.

4. This is a weird quirk, but whenever I open a book or a magazine or a brochure I have to smell the pages! I can't read anything until I have done this. The better it smells, the more I enjoy whatever it is that I'm reading. I just love that "new book" smell!

5. I don't really know if I have a favorite movie or not, but if you were to ask me I would say it is "Miracle." I'm not a sports fan at all, so I'm not sure why I like this movie so much.It probably has something do with the fact that the sport in question is hockey and I'm originally from Canada. I also love how inspirational it is. It's really a "feel good" movie.

6. My favorite words are "myriad" and "scintillating."

7. It's my goal to write a children's book one day.

8. It's my secret ambition to be a detective. I'm not really serious about pursuing that, but I love a good mystery. Sometimes when something has gone missing in the house I'll go about looking for it like a detective would. I really enjoy searching for "clues" and then rifling through the "evidence" in order to find what I'm looking for. I feel really triumphant whenever I solve a "case."

9. My husband and I watch our movies with the subtitles on. I'm not talking about foreign films (although we love to watch those too.) I mean we watch regular, American movies with the English subtitles on. We got the idea from a friend who always did that. At first I thought it was strange, but then we did it and discovered that you really understand and get more out of the movie when you do this. Also, in the past we would sometimes fast forward if the movie was boring but we still wanted to see the end...but then we would end up missing some major story in the plot and be confused. With the subtitles, you can fast forward and still "read" the movie AND not be so bored! Okay moving on...

10. Finally, I have to have a glass of "blue" milk every Christmas. This is regular milk that has been dyed blue with food coloring. This came about when I was little, and my mom used to buy the milk carton with the blue cow on it. In my childish mind I believed that the milk was actually blue. For some reason I was fascinated with this and so I would ask for blue milk every Christmas. My request was always ignored and nobody ever thought anything of it, until one day as a teenager the painful memories came back to haunt me and I began to cry. Needless to say, my request was never ignored again and my husband knows that I expect it every Christmas. It tastes really yummy, too!

Now that I've shared some things about myself, tell me something about you!

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  1. I love the word scintillating as well! haha

  2. I always watch movies with subtitles on too! And if I'm feeling adventurous I'll turn on French or Spanish subtitles on my English speaking movies!

  3. So interesting! Thanks for sharing about yourself! I like the movie "Miracle" too - it's very inspiring. AND how exciting that you were a ballerina! You have to post photos!!!

  4. Came over for the blog party and stopped to read this entry! hehe, cool. I watch movies with the subtitles on, too. That's because I have a four year old child, and a friend that I watch movies with who will often NOT SHUT UP (I love the friend, would love to brick his mouth shut sometimes, tho).

    it's always fun when what they say and what they print don't sync up.

  5. we read our movies too!!!! i thought we were the only ones!

  6. Marissa! It was so great to get your comment on my blog. I'd love to catch up with you on what you've been up to since the U of U. Send me a note some time if you get a chance. MollyLFoster at hotmail dot com

    P.S. Your son is adorable!

  7. Ha, I love how you want to be a detective! Did you ever watch Veronica Mars? I think you'd really like it.
    Something about me: I read way too many murder mysteries as a kid, so I'm always half-expecting to find dead bodies in weird places, like my shower. Crazy, right?

  8. I love Veronica Mars! What a great show, although I still have yet to watch the third season. I love all the sleuthing...so exciting and suspenseful!

  9. I love Miracle, too. I'm a sports movie nut.

    So glad you stopped by Writer-Mommy to visit!

    I took a few years of ballet when I was younger; it pained my teacher to see such perfect foot arches on someone who couldn't turn across the room in a straight line to save her life! I suppose I wasn't cut out for the performing arts...

    Your little on is darling!

    Smiles and blessings


  10. Hmmm … it’s rare to meet a blogger who is newer at it than me … (I started late last October) … but here you are! I’ve not learned how to do a ‘sticky post’ however, so MY ‘party post’ is here:

    Your son is a QT! I love the idea of ‘sparkles’ here in your blog. I enjoyed the 10 random things about you in the next post … a video game playing ballerina who smell books & magazines sounds like my kind of ‘quirky’ … but methinks I’d draw the line at drinking ‘blue’ milk!
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. I enjoyed your blog. How fascinating that you collect brochures! Please visit my blog, too. Thanks.

  12. Okay, so maybe your hubby has long relinquished the childhood relic of the Grammy baby blanket...but I still sleep with mine. Wierd, I know. But I am honestly convinced (sometimes we have to convince ourselves!) that it is a complete utilitarian attatchment b/c no other blanket is the right size to be a pillow, arm coverer during the chilly nights...etc.... I even went to Paraguay and my mission without it. Not that all those reasons are trying to convince anyone else that I'm a "normal" 27 year old who still sleeps with a baby blanket! I love reading your blogs, btw!

  13. I love the word, portabello. And I smell the pages of books too. Before and during the reading process. I love the "new book" smell :)

  14. This was awesome! I LOVED reading this post about you. I think it is so cool that you were a real ballerina! I always wanted to be when I was little, but things changed...but wow, how cool. I also laughed at your story about smelling the pages...that is too funny. I have funny little things that I do too...Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. I love your blue milk story. happy and sad but really special that you shared.


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