Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wishlist - Pink Laptop

I have a wishlist of sorts... it's a myriad of items, goals and dreams. Some of the things on the list are easily obtainable; others, not so much. Take for instance, my wish of owning a laptop. I wish I had a laptop because I think it would make working on the computer and blogging much easier. Right now, it's a bit difficult to get anything done because our computer is in our bedroom. That means, if I'm on the computer I'm can't really watch the baby and that leads to trouble, especially when he pushes the red shiny power button (which he LOVES to do.) As a result, I'm basically limited to going on the computer either when he takes his nap or when he goes to sleep for the night. Then it's hard because there are other things that I need to do or take advantage of while he's asleep. Therefore, the ideal situation would be to take a laptop out to the living room while he's awake and do a few things while he plays with his toys. That way, he could keep himself busy, I could still keep an eye on him, and I get could have a few minutes of computer time.

Any laptop would do, but I saw this pink Sony Vaio and I fell in love with it. I love that it's pink! It's got some pretty cool features, like a built-in web camera, CD/DVD burner and other things that I don't really need. The main thing I love about it is its sleek look and the beautiful pink color. It will probably be a long time before I get a laptop, especially this one but in the meantime I'll just keep blogging and wishing!

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  1. PINK!!!! I love it! That is now on my wish list right after more stamps of course.

  2. A. What a pretty laptop!
    B. That's great that you have "wish lists" and "dream lists." Writing down your hopes and ambitions puts you one step closer to reaching them. :)

  3. what is it about power buttons that babies love?!??! Ava has on several occasions turned off the computer while I was in the middle of doing something!

  4. I love the pink, I remember how stoked I was at finally owning a laptop, and you're right, it makes it much easier to jump on whenever!

    I was just partying away and happened to click on your name. If you wanna come party at my place you can find me here!


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