Monday, April 7, 2008

Zodiac Baby

At my son's birthday lunch at Extraordinary Desserts last week, I noticed a book in the gift shop area. I forced myself away from the delicious looking cakes to flip through Zodiac Baby. This delightful little book by Sarah Bartlett helps you to understand your baby better by using astrology. I turned to my son's astrological sign and skimmed it. I'm not a hardcore believer of the Zodiac (I do read my horoscope every now and again just because it's entertaining), but this was right on the mark. "Your spirited baby is ready for constant stimulation." "This is one baby who will kick up a fuss about anything he doesn't want to do." "Enjoy this little star's exuberant personality, his passion for life and his desire to get on with anything that's a challenge." Yep, that sounds like my baby all right. Then I turned to my own astrological sign and once again, I was blown away with how accurate it was. So of course that meant that we had to buy the book.

The book is laid out neatly into different sections within each sign. It gives a general description, sleeping and eating tips, advice for playing and tantrums, and other fun facts. Best of all, it tells you what your baby needs most from you, the parent. The colorful illustrations are also adorable. It's a fun book to read, even if you don't believe everything it says. Who knows, you may learn something new about your "little star" and also about yourself!

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  1. That sounds way cute! I love reading my horoscope, no matter how off it is.

  2. I have always laughed at my horoscope, they are way toooooo general or wacko. Marissa, you do have a wonderful way of writing, how is the children's book coming along?

  3. hm.....sounds interesting and fun...I'm gonna look into it!


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