Monday, June 23, 2008

Browsing for Baby Boutiques

One of my favorite things to do when I have time is to search for baby boutiques online. There are a lot of cute ones, and many of them are mom-owned businesses. Here are three that I like to look at:

A Rocking Horse To Love
There is something about rocking horses that have always seemed special to me. They are so simple, yet so unique and I've never seen a child not smile at one. A Rocking Horse To Love has a beautiful selection and they are so much fun to browse.

Gissy Bella
My favorite item from Gissy Bella is the Comfy Crawlers.

I bought these for my son when he started crawling, and they were a lifesaver! The built-in knee pads protected his little knees as he raced across our hardwood floors. Even though he can walk now, he still has a pair that he wears, as he spends so much time on the floor and getting into mischief. This boutique has a lot of other adorable gifts as well.

Chocolate Cake Club
I could spend forever looking at all the unique items at Chocolate Cake Club! Their goal is to provide products that will make our lives as busy parents a little easier. They have a lot of great things to help you get organized and of course, a great selection of gifts.

Do you like to shop/browse online for your kids? Where's your favorite place to go?

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  1. Not really. I'm very tactile. I need to touch things and test the seams. I do, however, look for myself!

  2. Etsy.com has some great stores if you just search for baby stuff.
    Also, I'll be back in Utah after July 18th, which is graduation. I'm getting so ready to be done!


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