Friday, August 15, 2008

Condiment Combos from a Crazy Canadian

Being a Canadian living in the United States, I think I blend in pretty well. In fact, I sometimes forget I'm from another country...that is until I go to put condiments on my food. I'm not sure if it's just me who is strange or if there are others out there who do the same things I do. All I know is that when I eat certain foods and dress them up accordingly with condiments I'm the only one doing so. Here are my top three condiment combos that get the most stares:

1.Vinegar on French Fries

French fries with malt vinegar drizzled on top - how has nobody heard of this? Growing up, I was used to seeing a bottle of malt vinegar on the table whenever we went out to eat. So when I moved to the States, the fact that this bottle was missing from every restaurant I went to was very apparent. After wondering aloud where the vinegar was for my fries I soon realized that nobody knew what I was talking about. Even when I would ask for vinegar they would sometimes bring me the wrong kind, like balsamic. None of my friends had ever heard of this combo, including my husband. It's super good - kind of like salt and vinegar chips only way better.

Honorable mention: Fry Sauce: It seems that the majority who live outside of Utah have never heard of fry sauce (me included, until I moved there for college.) This combination of ketchup and mayonnaise is excellent on your fries and your burger!

2.Ketchup on Macaroni and Cheese

This one's a no-brainer: after you finish making your Kraft Dinner, you get the ketchup out and stir a bit of it in, right? No? It's seriously good and makes eating mac and cheese a lot more fun. As a general rule I don't like ketchup except on my mac and cheese. I haven't convinced Hubby to try it yet, although he swears by Taco Bell sauce. Weird.

3.Mustard on Sausage

This one is probably the most "normal" combo, yet it gets the most stares in restaurants. I like to go out for breakfast, because I love sausage. So I'll order my eggs and sausages, the food comes (along with the bottle of ketchup - they always bring that) and they ask if you need anything else. And I always say I would like some mustard. Usually I'll just get a weird look, but occasionally someone will ask me what the mustard could possibly be for. To which I'll reply with something like "Um , the sausage? Doesn't everyone do that?" That usually satisfies them. Like it would be for the eggs! But really, you haven't had sausage until you've dipped it in mustard. Any kind of mustard works well here...yellow, dijon, you name it.

Does anybody else do these things or am I just crazy? What kind of crazy combos do you like?


  1. I just found your blog on blog coach and like it so far. I am a Texan that has recently moved to Canada, St John's. I didn't find the vinegar thing weird actually I thought it was for the fish though. Now the kethcup in the mac and cheese is a little crazy. I look forward to reading. I have the same issue on my blog I know people are reading but they never comment.

  2. I had the opposite experience--whenever we'd go to Canada I'd wonder what the vinegar was for!

    I'm also suspicious that the ketchup (Heinz at McDonald's) is a little different--maybe more vinegar-y in Canada?

    I found something I really did like at Subway, though. I asked for "pickles" and got "cucumbers" on my sandwich, and now I order it that way all the time!

  3. Hey! The vinegar actually sound really good! Fry Sauce is awesome! The Ketchup is awesome too! I actually make a sloppy joe mac & cheese that has ketchup, bbq sauce, and hamburger, FABULOUS!!! The Mustard i'm not too sure about, only because i'm not a fan of mustard or sausage.

  4. Not a fan of vinegar on fries or ketchup on mac 'n cheese but here in Alabama I know lots of people who like mustard on their sausage biscuit. I guess I'm a condiment 'party-pooper' because even though the mustard on sausage is common here, I don't like it either!

  5. Alrighty lady I knew you were a little out there, but didn't know how far till now, hehehe.... Vinegar actually sounds good on fries, I'm going to have to try that. I also love fry sause. Ketchup on mac & cheese I'm going to pass. My hubby puts Ketchup on his burrito's (yuck I say to that too) Mustard on Sausage sounds good. Not a big Sausage fan, but I like the polish kind and that would be yummy...

    Ok some of my crazy combo's
    RANCH - goes on anything, sandwiches, pizza, fries, onion rings, veggies... the list goes on.
    SALT - on fruit is yummy (especially melons)
    Thats all I can think of right now...

  6. I have never heard of the vinegar with fries combo, it sounds good though. I have never heard of Ketchup and Mac. I think mustard with sausages sounds good!

    I do like to dip my fries in vanilla ice cream though it's not a very healthy idea but it tastes really good to me. Oh amd I love me some good fry sauce, what can I say I am from Utah!

  7. I like the vinegar on fries...I don't like Long John Silver's but they have vinegar packets you can use.
    I'm from the south: I think ranch dressing is useful for any of the above mentioned purposes.

  8. Ketchup on baked potatoes is good. Something about the way it mixes with the butter. Yum!

  9. I'm going to have to try the the vinegar on fries, that sounds really good!

    When I was pregnant I liked pickles and buffalo wing sauce, I've been hooked ever since. ^^

  10. We put malt vinegar on french fries and it's divine. I put mustard on bratwurst but not on regular breakfast sausage. And as for mac n' cheese, I hate the boxed stuff so I don't eat it anyway. :)

    One weird thing I've always done and still love is to dip my french fries in honey. I think it tastes great!

  11. i love dipping potato chips into plain yogurt. it's so good! it's an even better combo when using greek yogurt!

    for some reason, people think this is strange. it's so yummy. it would be a shame if you didn't try it at least once!

  12. I probably might pass a glance if I saw you in public eating one of those combos. Who am I to judge, I like to drink pickle juice!

  13. All three are right on the money. I can't even eat fries without vinegar - what's the point!

    As for the KD, I eat it about twice a year when the craving strikes. In addition to the ketchup, I like cut-up hotdogs in it, and that's how everyone I knew growing up ate it (Toronto area).

    I hadn't even thought of asking for mustard with sausage at a breakfast restaurant, although that is how I would eat it at home (if I ever got up the strength or time to make sausages for breakfast!!). :-)

    Love your blog - keep up the good work!

  14. My husband puts catsup on avocados - he pops the pit out, and fills it up with catsup.

    He also dips his artichoke leaves in miracle whip, and insists that chili must always be eaten over rice.

    He's so weird.

  15. Christine exposed me to the vinegar and ketchup chips and I really like them...I should try making my own. Gotta love you crazy Canadians!

  16. As a Canadian, I can't even IMAGINE mac n cheese w/out ketchup. Neither could my son. He can't bear to eat his without.

    I remember my confusion about the missing vinegar too. I was in shock.

    The weird thing isn't that we do these three combos, it is that THEY DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost go crazy tring to imagine such an unelightened existence.

  17. I was introduced to ketchup with mac'n'cheese on my mission and now I won't eat it any other way.


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