Friday, August 29, 2008

I Need A Donut

If you don't already know that I love donuts, I'm telling you now: I am a donut freak! If you give me any donut, I'll eat it but I really only love one kind of donut and that's glazed. Gotta stick with the original. Oh, and mini donuts are also divine. The mini donuts have to be coated with cinnamon sugar, although I had glazed and chocolate covered ones recently and they were pretty darn good too. There's just one problem with donuts, however.

The thing is, I've become more obsessed with donuts lately because it's becoming more apparent that I just can't find that perfect donut of my childhood. As a kid, I remember donuts tasting fantastic. I couldn't get enough of them. But now, whenever I bite into a donut it seems there's something missing. Of course, I could just be remembering something different - things always seem bigger, brighter and better when you're a kid.

What I'm really searching for, is a donut that came with the Hot Dog Day meal. Anyone else ever have Hot Dog Day at school? This was a special day that took place a couple of times a year. It was the day that we didn't need to bring a lunch to school because we would have hot dogs. Weeks before, we would put our orders in and eagerly anticipate this day. I always ordered two hot dogs and two donuts. No milk, because I didn't like milk. Everyone was always amazed that I would eat that much. But I digress. The thing I loved most about Hot Dog Day was the donut. It was just the right size, with glaze that didn't flake and just the right amount of "chewiness." It was perfect. And I have been looking for that donut ever since. Krispy Kreme donuts are too flat and too sweet for me. Winchell's donuts don't have quite enough flavor and they're too spongy. Mini donuts, as I mentioned before are amazing but as far as I know they're only available at fairs and at a beach not close to me.

Can anyone help me out here? Where's your favorite place to get a good donut?

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  1. Krispy Kreme!!!! When I was a child though there was this place in Lemon Grove called Christy's Donuts. They had the best donuts ever!!!!!!! Unfortunately they closed a few months ago. I was and still am SO SAD!!!

  2. We don't have any Krispy Kremes around here anymore, just a lot of Dunkin Donuts. They're okay, but if you don't eat them the first day, they turn into hockey pucks.

  3. I wish I could help! Sorry. I will say that your love of donuts is similar to my love for a good bean burrito. Like you, I have not been able to find the perfect burrito (even is San Diego) since childhood. And, my favorite was from the school cafeteria. Man, I loved Fridays. Every Friday, I ate hot lunch and got the best meal of week. Ahhh.....I miss those burritos.

  4. Sadly, at the beach ( which sadly for YOU, I live near). If I could mail them to you, I would but I think they might get deflated on the way.

    Have you ever tried making your own?

    We have a regional donut chain called "Maple Donuts". They're pretty good but I'm not really a donut connoisseur; I'm more of a pink cupcake gal but I can empathize certainly.

  5. I am now drooling! I love me some donuts.

    Oh I have something for you on my blog ^^

  6. Oh that looks really good. My favorites are the glazed or the jelly filled donut holes. I love Dunkin' Donuts thats what I had as a kid still my favorite ones.

  7. We never had donuts at school. Hot dogs, yes, those weird fake rib sandwiches, sure, but something delicious like a donut, that was never in the budget. Frozen juice was as good as it got for us.

  8. Do they have a Top Pot Donut near you? They're delicious!! Otherwise, I'm not sure. KK is waayyyy too sugary for me, 1 bite and I'm done.

    I did a quick google search, and these came up for donuts in SD:
    - Dont Touch, got great reviews! (12033 Scripps Summit Dr )
    - Rose Donuts (5201 Linda Vista Road)
    - Mary's Donuts, reviews great although they said it's not much to look at from the street (9031 Mission Gorge Rd)

    Good luck on your donut hunt!

  9. I wish I could help but I'm with you on the Krispy Kreme, I can feel my arteries clogging when i bit into one. I love donughts only the glazed ones. I found the ones at the smaller chains seem to taste better then the hugs donught changes. I hope you find what your looking for.

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