Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grow Up with Mutsy

My son has never been a big fan of his high chair. He has trouble sitting still and acts up, especially when he's strapped down. This makes for some difficult mealtimes. Often, I'll have to give him a toy or an extra spoon to entertain him while I try to shove some food in his mouth. And sometimes I can't even get him to go into the chair, never mind feed him in it. I know that part of the problem is that he doesn't feel "included" at the table with the rest of us (yes, he's picky.) He'll gladly sit on my lap and eat, but this makes it difficult on me because he steals my fork AND he still squirms.

Thankfully, I found something that makes us all happy. The grow-up! booster seat by Mutsy has been a lifesaver. It's super comfortable and easy to attach to a regular chair. The harness allows for safe fastening of your child and it's modern look is easy on the eyes. My son absolutely loves sitting in this seat. He smiles whenever I put him in it, and I know that he feels like he's a part of the table now. The Mutsy grow-up comes in fun colors such as mandarin, apple, raspberry and aqua. It's lightweight and also an ideal purchase because your child can use it up until he or she is four years old.

Visit Mutsy for more information. You can also check out their amazing line of strollers. Additionally, you can go to www.niniandloli.com to make a purchase. Use code msmut10 for a ten percent discount on any Mutsy order!

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