Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pediped = Quiet Comfort

My first spoken word was "shoe" - makes sense, seeing as I'm obsessed with buying cute ones, especially of the baby/toddler variety. Pediped has everything I look for in a shoe: comfort, quality and style. They're made with premium, non-toxic leather, have foam insoles and cushions with padded heels to absorb shock and they are absolutely adorable! Check out the Grace style (pictured.) If only they came in my size!

My son has a couple of pairs of Pediped shoes and he loves wearing them. They're so versatile and go with almost every outfit. They slip right on and fasten easily with velcro. He's never attempted to take them off like he has with other shoes.

There are a lot of cute shoes out there, but the thing that sets Pediped apart is that they are sturdy, yet quiet. There are other soft soled shoes that are quiet, but they're not really ideal for outdoor use. Pediped has the padded sole, making it more sturdy like a "real" shoe, yet it's stll soft on little feet and perfect for running around outside. It's a perfect combination!

Pediped has just released its new Fall/Winter collection. Check it out here.

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  1. I heart Pedipeds. My babies have had 2 pairs each. We unfortunetly lost one, see story here: http://doubletheblessing.blogspot.com/2008/09/i-interrupt-this-blog-for-very.html

  2. I LOVE Pedipeds. I just looked at the fall line up and I have to the "Andy" for Beckett. They are too cute! Thanks for sharing!


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