Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tu for Tee, Anyone?

Even though I'm all "grown-up" now, I always find myself drooling over things made for little girls. I love pretty ribbons and bows, play kitchens (way more fun than a real one, and I still want one for my son), and anything pink. Oh, and did I mention tutus? It might look funny however, to be strolling down the street wearing a tutu, which is why I absolutely love the shirts made by Tu For Tee.

Tu For Tee offers handmade shirts of all styles - tank, tee and long sleeve, and range from size 6 months to size 8. Not only are the shirts themselves adorable, but each one has a mini tutu attached. Each exquisite tutu is made of tulle and adorned with an elegant ribbon. You can't get much better than that. It's evident that great care has been taken in sewing these shirts. The tutus are not overly frilly or bulky, making them suitable for everyday wear. Check out a few of my favorite styles, Monkey, Lightning, and Watermelon. They are all adorable, and you're bound to find one that suits your taste. Now, if only they came in my size I would wear one all the time! For more information and to purchase a shirt for that special little girl in your life, make sure to stop by Tu For Tee.

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  1. Those are cute. I need to get my daughter one.

  2. These are darling! And they make them big enough for Eleri. She will love the monkey style.


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