Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cold? Grab a Slanket!

It's a good thing I live in sunny California because I'm always cold. Even in the middle of the summer, you'll still find me bundled up in a blanket at night. And now that it's winter and it's still mostly sunny outside, it actually is quite cold (really), and I find myself shivering throughout most of the day.

One day last week I was shivering as usual and it happened to be raining, which made my situation even more miserable. I was trying to see how many blankets I could hide under to keep warm when a knock on the door interrupted my futile experiment. The box that stood on my doorstep was what saved me that day. It was my slanket. The problem that I was having with all my other blankets was that I couldn't seem to keep my upper body warm. When relaxing on the couch I like to be able to do things such as read, drink hot cocoa, eat endless bags of chips, or operate the remote control. I would use my laptop on the couch as well, only I don't have one. These things are difficult to do when your arms are freezing as a result of having taken them out from underneath the blanket. The slanket on the other hand, has these genius loose-fitting sleeves built in for your arms. Problem instantly solved! Not only that, but it's a really great blanket as well. It's soft, lightweight, nonpilling (which I love) and very large.

To get one for yourself go here. If your kids try to steal yours, get them their own - slankets for kids are available here. And since the slanket will keep you warm, you can turn down the thermostat and save money!

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  1. They DO look wonderful and how appropriate for you! That's funny, I also freeze even in the summertime. I can't stand any breeze at all touching my body, it's like an assault!
    I'm happy you have a Slanket!

  2. This was on my wish list, but I didn't get one for Christmas. :( But I'll figure out a way to get one...by next Christmas hopefully I'll be a proud slanket owner!!


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