Friday, December 12, 2008

Healthy Eating with Plum Organics

My 20 month old son loves to eat. When he finds something that he likes, it seems as if he eats nonstop - I'm amazed at how much food he can pack into his little body. That's why I want to be sure that the food I'm giving him is actually healthy.

I was excited to try out the Plum Organics line out on him. You can either get their organic baby food or their organic frozen toddler meals. Both are delicious, frozen and convenient options that don't sacrifice great taste.

My son tried the Mango Muesli and the Harvest Vegetable with Turkey from the baby food line. They are flash frozen, which means that natural nutrients are retained as well as rich flavors, making for a healthier, tastier eating experience! Of course I had to try them too, before my son could get a chance to gobble them all up. The Mango Muesli was especially tasty. It tasted fresh, with just the right amount of sweetness. The food comes in adorable little plastic containers (which are BPA and phthalate free) that
are also recyclable. I appreciated how the preparation directions were written on the containers themselves as well as on the box. Another thing I like about the baby food is that it's not just for babies. With "real" ingredients such as butter, baby leaf and cinnamon, adults and toddlers can enjoy them too! Many of them have multiple uses as well - the Pumpkin Banana baby food could be used in a pancake recipe for example. Delicious!

Plum Organics also has frozen Kid's Meals. I admit that I occasionally feed my son frozen meals because it's just easier that way. I never felt good about all the preservatives and unhealthy ingredients I was giving him though, especially with the way he eats. Plum Organics kid's meals on the other hand, are an excellent source of DHA and omega-3s, have zero trans fats, have no artificial colors and are packed with nutrients. With yummy flavors like bowtie pasta, cheese-filled tortellini, Italian sausage marinara and rainbow pasta shells, my son can eat as much as he wants and I am happy. Each meal also comes with a healthy veggie side like edamame - what more could any mother want?

Plum Organics is available at a variety of grocery stores nationwide. Check out the store locator here and enjoy some "plum" goodness today!

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  1. These meals look good, but no stores in my area carry Plum.


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