Friday, December 5, 2008

A Month of Meals - Count Me In!

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly wondering what I should make for dinner. I'll rack my brain for what seems like hours, and when I finally come up with a plan I realize that all the different ingredients are too expensive and I'll have to start over. Or else I'll start with the ads and the coupons and once I've figured out what's on sale I'm too tired to actually plan out a menu. So when Family Review Network offered me the chance to review an ebook about meal planning I jumped at the chance. I normally don't get into ebooks that much - I much prefer to run my fingers along the pages of a book and smell it from time to time. That said, I'm much too desperate for meal planning ideas and so I made do with printing the book out with my printer.

A Month of Meals by Jamie Ussher is a simple, yet imformative read. I enjoyed learning about the benefits of maintaining healthy eating habits and her tips for saving money at the grocery store. The section I found most useful was how she made a list of staples that should be in your cupboard at all times. I always find myself running out to buy some ingredient that I should have already had. I also love the way the recipes are set up, with the ingredients listed on the left side, and the directions on the right side. It made things extremely clear and easy to read. The ready made shopping lists for each week are also very helpful. Each week, you use similar ingredients, saving you money at the store! As for the recipes themselves, they are pretty basic without the need for a lot of ingredients. Often, I'll find a recipe that sounds good but requires many ingredients, and by the time I hunt them all down I'm confused and end up ruining the recipe. The recipes included here are easy to make and delicious on their own. You can always add more spice if you crave more flavor.
The menu offers a nice variety of different foods. Some examples of the meals are tortilla soup, eggplant parmesan, baked fish and vegetable beef stew. I learned a great deal from reading this book and am looking forward to eating my month of meals! Order and read it for yourself here.

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  1. After 31 years of cooking it sounds good to me!!!!! Tonight I think I went through about 5 different ideas till I decided on tacos.
    What do you want to eat in 3 weeks?

  2. It DOES sound great! I'm like you; I pick out recipes out of magazines and then when I make my list, forget half of the ingredients and have the other sitting on the shelf never to be used.
    I've vowed to become more organized with my menu planning, coupon clipping and grocery shopping.
    Thanks for the tip!


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