Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow Day!

The weekend before Christmas a local family shipped in actual snow to their lawn for anybody who wanted to come and play in it. Our son got to experience snow in San Diego and he had a wonderful time!

The Scene: A Winter Wonderland

He was so entertained he didn't know what to do first.

He had fun trying to figure out what this sled was.

He couldn't stop smiling!

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  1. What an incredible neighbor and generous to share!

  2. That's a brilliant idea. He's so joyful I can barely stand it!

  3. Aw... he looks so happy. I'll bet he dreams of fluffy stuff now.

  4. Wow, that is cool. At least you had some "white Christmas" He does look happy.

  5. What a cool thing to do. Your son has the best smile. Great pix.

  6. Wow. That must have been expensive to ship it and keep it cold. But I'm sure it was a huge hit with the whole neighborhood.

  7. How neat is that!!That is what I wondered - it must have been expensive to do that. I didn't even think that was possible other than the movies. Very cool idea! Your son looked like he enjoyed the snow very much!


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