Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Before last week, I had never watched VeggieTales. Two years ago when my son was born I received a few VeggieTales books, and found them to be pretty entertaining with a valuable message. So when Family Review Network offered me a chance to review the latest title in the DVD collection, Abe & the Amazing Promise, I was pretty excited. Honestly, besides my brief introduction with the books I had no idea what the Veggie Tales were about. I was confused - talking vegetables? I had to check this out for myself and get to the bottom of all the fuss.

Turns out, the fuss is about a bunch of talking vegetables but they're hilarious...and great teachers too. I thought it would be hard to take them seriously, but I really enjoyed watching the Bible story of Abraham and Sarah and their wait for a promised son. Bob the Tomato and his film crew manage to pull off a funny, lighthearted adventure without compromising the message, that of being patient.

The DVD also features the silly song, Sneeze if you Need To and the musical mis-adventure, Blunders in Boo-Boo-Ville. This story had great music and I definitely learned a thing or two about taking the time to do things the right way. My son is a bit too young to understand the concepts, but he seemed to enjoy the music and the characters. I'm sure he'll grow to appreciate it in a couple of years.

There are also tons of bonus features such as a behind the scenes look, director's commentary, interactive game, discussion guide and more! So much fun...if you're a fan of VeggieTales, I would check this one out. And if you've never seen it before, you can view a clip of the show here.

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  1. Veggie Tales are cool. I like "Silly Song" with Larry.

  2. We LOVE Veggie Tales, and own almost every one.

  3. Veggie Tales are the best! I even loved them when I was in high school!

    I actually have an award for you over at my blog if you would like to accept it :-)


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