Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lullabies For A New Generation

For all you tired parents out there (me included) if I had to recommend one thing that you must have, it would be a CD of lullabies. When my son was an infant, the only way he would go to sleep at night was by listening to a CD that Daddy made for him. Two years later, I find that playing soft music for him works wonders for calming him down when he starts getting too hyper. Therefore, I was excited to add a new CD, My Precious Little One by Rick Springfield to our collection.

Rick Springfield, is of course a talented, Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, but what really makes this album special is that it's his first one created just for children. These are original lullabies that he wrote for his two children in the early days of fatherhood. Since neither of them were good sleepers, he figured it couldn't hurt to write a few lullabies. He discovered them again last year, stuck in the back of a drawer and decided to rerecored and share them with all of us.

The result is ten gentle lullabies that soothe and calm the soul. The other day, I was trying to get my son to nap but he just refused. He was literally bouncing off the walls of his crib. Before he could hurt himself, I took him out and decided to listen to Springfield's CD together. He sat in my lap and gently rocked as he let the music work its magic on him. The songs have a bit of a Country feel to them, which I'm normally not a fan of. However, it works remarkably well here and is enjoyable to listen to. Each track is unique from the rest, but they all feature Springfield's calming voice, beautiful lyrics and peaceful melodies. I liked all the songs, but my favorite was the title track "My Precious Little One" - I love how it's just him and the acoustic guitar. By the end of the CD, my son was considerably relaxed, and ready to go to sleep.

My Precious Little One is available exclusively on Amazon as both a CD and digital download for eight weeks starting today. For more information on Rick Springfield and to listen to samples from the CD, visit his website here.

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