Monday, April 20, 2009

Kinesys Sunscreen Spray

Living in San Diego means that there is an almost daily need to wear sunscreen. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at enforcing this sometimes because my son is not patient enough to just sit still and endure all the rubbing in of sunscreen. With the exception of summer time, when his face will look like a lobster within seconds if he's not wearing sunscreen, he often plays outside without it.

I realize how damaging this can be, but thanks to Family Review Network, I had the opportunity to try Kinesys kids sunscreen spray on my son. First of all, I love how it's a spray instead of a lotion because I don't have to spend a lot of extra time rubbing it in. And second, it's fragrance free which is great because I really don't like the smell of sunscreen. Other pluses are that it's alcohol, oil, and PABA free, hypoallergenic, and has an SPF rating of 30. It's also fast drying and non-greasy. To top it off, it comes in a really fun, bright package that's fully recyclable.

According to their website, most of the UV damage comes from those early childhood sunburns that we have all had at one time or another. It takes, on average 15 to 30 years for the damage to show up, so if your kids get sunburned at age 6, the damage won't be visible until they are 21 - 36 years of age. The damage shows up as wrinkles age spots or even cancer. I feel good knowing that my son is protected with this product, and that it makes my job of applying it every day a bit easier. I also received the SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray, which has the same great benefits with a nice green tea and vanilla fragrance.

To learn more about Kinesys and to watch a video clip, visit the website here. Receive a 10% discount on your orders with Code BRC10 (free shipping on orders over $45 AFTER the discount).

WANT TO WIN? One winner will receive a 4oz. kids sunscreen and a 4oz. kids moisturizer. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, April 27th at Midnight and tell me what your favorite outdoor activity is. Please include your email address with your comment. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

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  1. The kids love playing in a pile of pea stone that we have for when we redo our septic field. They really need a sandbox-LOL!

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. Favorite outdoor activity would be playing on the beach :)


  3. My favorite thing to do is to watch my children play outside while using their imagination. They can be so funny and rather creative! I love to see their smiles and listen to their laughs.

  4. Badminton--I can't wait for my kids to be able to play. But we walk a lot until then.

  5. my favorite outdoor activity is napping under a big tree, having a picnic and searching for bugs!

    elkesten at yahoo dot com


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