Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now That's a Pretty Face!

This may sound a bit odd, but I think my son's profile is really adorable. Sometimes I just stare at it, with those long eyelashes, cute little nose and perfect little mouth. I realized that I have lots of pictures of his face front on, but hardly any of his profile. I suppose this is because whenever I take pictures of him, I'm more focused on getting him to smile, and not about what his profile looks like.

A silhouette is the perfect way to capture the beauty of your child's profile. I had the pleasant opportunity to have a custom silhouette portrait done of my little one by Pretty Faces, a charming Etsy shop. Jackie, the owner of the shop, made the process super simple. I simply emailed her this photo of my son's profile that I took myself:

                                       She then took that photo and turned it into this:

She offered to make any changes I wanted, such as to the hair, nose, mouth, neck and direction of the silhouette, but I thought it was absolutely perfect as is! (I do want to point out that my son's name and age are also written at the bottom of silhouette, but I did not include that information here.) After giving her my permission to go ahead with the creation, I had the real portrait in my hands just days later. The silhouette is printed on high quality acid free paper and is simply beautiful! I received two different sizes - an 8 x 10 and a 5 x 7.

I also had the same photo of him done in this style:This one turned out gorgeous as well. I'm impressed by the variety of styles and options that are available. You can choose different colors for the background, border, wording, and silhouette, for example. You can choose to have the silhouette inside a circle or an oval, or just by itself. If you have an idea for a design that you don't see listed, just contact Jackie and she will create it just for you! Take a look at the website to see all the different designs. The possibilities are literally endless.

The silhouettes by Pretty Faces are classic, and would make a lovelyl gift for just about anyone. It's a wonderful thing to have captured my little sweetie's profile in this beautiful way - now I can look at it any time I want!

Thank you to Mom Fuse for this review opportunity.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure working with you. All my best, Jackie


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