Friday, April 24, 2009

Tea Collection - My Cup of Tea

Having a boy is tons of fun, but I can't help but feel a little left out whenever I go clothes shopping for him. The girls' section is always three times bigger and often much cuter. Upon browsing the Internet for something fun for him to wear, I discovered Tea Collection, a globally inspired line of clothes for children. The company is dedicated to "little citizens of the world" and, through the clothing, strives to bring the beauty found in cultures around the world into the lives and homes of our own families. The result is a line of stylish, upscale clothes that has equally adorable styles for boys and well as girls!

My son received a few samples to try out. While they are still a little too big for him, I can tell that they are extremely well made, with super soft fabric that and last a long time. And talk about cute! Check out the Daily Tea Waves Rider Hooded Pullover and Crashing Waves shorts that he got:


I can't wait until he grows into them. There are a number of different collections including the new Viva Brasilia! which sports fresh, colorful graphics and patterns and is full of creativity. I could look at these clothes all day long - I only wish they came in my size! To learn more about Tea and their collections, visit the website here.

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  1. I totally know about tea collection! I saw it in a store in the beaches and it's really nice stuff -was going to buy some for the Mu this Summer!

  2. I love the Tea Collection too! They're styles are so modern and fashionable, yet so "wearable" too.

  3. Ug. I totally just made a huge grammar error. I meant to say...*their* styles...grrrr. ;)

    Oh well. It's late and I can't be perfect. The End.

    Have a wonderful night!


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