Friday, May 15, 2009

A Few Good Movies

In a phone conversation recently with my mother, I mentioned that I had gone to see the movie Earth. She asked me how I liked it...and to be honest, I didn't like it too much. Yes, it is a beautiful looking movie with splendid special effects. However, it was agony to watch the animals (in particular the polar bear) suffer, desparate, hungry and with nothing to eat. I understand that they are trying to make a point here, to make us aware of the effects of global warming and such, but it was difficult because I knew that there was a camera crew just filming them and observing them while they suffered but couldn't help them in any way. In fact, I found myself closing my eyes several times during the movie. I think other movies such as An Inconvenient Truth speak better to me about environmental issues because I'm not focused on the poor animals.

Anyway, this post is not about the environment. This post is about movies that I would rather be watching, because after seeing Earth I became pretty depressed. My mom asked me what kind of movies I would prefer to watch. So here is a list of uplifting, inspiring movies that are on my shelf at home that I could watch anytime, any day:

1. 12 Angry Men - Great drama about forming relationships and really seeing people for who they are rather than what they are

2. Babe - Adorable little pig...how could you not love him?

3. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - A classic

4. The Kid - Charlie Chaplin's best film...very touching

5. Kung Fu Panda - I do watch this every day and never get sick of it

6. Little Secrets - Friendship, discovery, growing up, all here

7. Mad Hot Ballroom - The kids are amazing and so cute

8. Miracle - Everyone said it was impossible...and they proved them wrong

9. Nancy Drew - What can I say, I love detectives

10. Ocean's Eleven -Not your typical "inspirational" film, but it's genius so I could watch it over and over again

And also, I don't own it (yet) but Les Choristes is the best "teacher saves the students" movie I've ever seen.

So there you have it. Many of the movies I just mentioned can be found on the Heartland Truly Moving Pictures website. I also did a post about them a long time ago.

Do you have a favorite uplifting movie? What movies would you add to my list?

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  1. I've seen the planet earth version and enjoyed it greatly. Yes, it is sad about what's happening to the animals.

  2. I LOVED "Earth!" But you are right the Polar bear and the baby elephant got to me. I asked the same question...bah on preserving the integrity of the wilderness feed the polar bear! It wouldn't have been as bad if he had drowned fighting or but to just lie down...yeah I know.

    Whenever I get sad about this friends remind me about the baboons tiptoeing crossing the river. I LOVE the expressions on their face. This is how a friend of mine narrates that scene..."ew...ew...Eeeewwww!!! What's this stuff?!! Where did it come from? Bahhhh...Ahh it touched me it touched me. Now I am wet. Waaaahhhh!"

    Still I think our society needs a bit of a shock to the system, espeically those that doesn't believe we are just going througha phase, global warming isn't an issue.

  3. I haven't seen earth - a friend told me it freaked her kids out so I took a pass on that one!
    I want to see "up" though!

  4. I haven't seen Earth before, but Ocean's Eleven is a fave of mine!

  5. Just saw Breaking Away again--it rocked.

  6. Uplifting movies, hmmm...

    I like "Anne of Green Gables" and "Pride & Prejudice" because they remind of the simple beauty of quality relationships.

    I also like "Life Is Beautiful" and "Just Like Heaven" and..."High School Musical."

    And, speaking of musicals, how about "Sound of Music"?


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