Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stop That Cart!

I admit, I have never gone grocery with my son by myself. I'm lucky enough that my husband agrees to go with me, because things would just get way too crazy and out of hand if he didn't. It's a pretty big ordeal - after we manage to survive the actual grocery shopping, there's the matter of putting the food into the car. And I honestly don't know how people do this by themselves with a small child in tow. The problem is the shopping cart - there's just no good way to stabilize it, if you have to use both hands to put your groceries away. This problem takes on a whole new level when you've got a child sitting in the cart. A runaway cart is never a good thing; a runaway cart with a child inside could be catastrophic.

Cart-Stopper was created for that very purpose. It's a simple, effective device that reduces the risk of child injury due to runaway shopping carts. It's one function is to immobilize the cart, and this it does - extremely well. It's designed with a suction cup on one end that attaches to your car, and the other end hooks securely to the shopping cart. The result is a hands free, stress free experience! An additional bonus is that it's so compact that you can easily carry it in your purse or diaper bag. With this handy little device, I just may have the courage to go grocery shopping on my own one of these days. Check out Cart-Stopper here.

WANT TO WIN? One winner will receive a Cart-Stopper. To enter, leave a topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, June 23rd at Midnight. Please include your email address. Winner must provide a US or Canadian mailing address.

Thank you to Family Review Network for this review opportunity.

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  1. ok... my kids are teens now, so no problem of a runaway cart with a child in it... but as a disabled mom whose hubby prefers to shop by the month, I can say that if you think it's hard controlling 1 cart... don't even think of trying 2... lol
    very hectic loading the car from multiple carts, it would be nice if I knew 1 at least wasn't going anywhere til I was ready


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