Friday, July 17, 2009

96 Tips Anyone Can Use

If you know me, then you're aware that I am not the most talkative person in the world. It's not that I don't have things to say, it's that sometimes I find it a bit difficult to express myself verbally - hence, one of the reasons I enjoy blogging. If you're like me, (and even if you're not) there's a great book that I just had the opportunity to review called How to Instantly Connect with Anyone: 96 All-New Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships. This clever book by Leil Lowndes is full of tips - 96 to be exact, to guide you as you meet new people.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly. Even though I love "how to" books, they can sometimes be bland and tedious. Lowndes' fun, conversational style kept the pace going. Each tip has a short chapter dedicated to it, and I found I couldn't wait to read the next one. In addition to the tips, the concept of "emotional prediction" or E.P. is a common theme throughout the book. This is the ability to predict how others will feel in certain situations. By reacting to their feelings, you're able to make a connection and make people feel comfortable around you. Simply brilliant! Here are just a few of my favorite tips from the book:

Make your "Bye" as big as your "Hi"
Use Different Words the Second Time You Must Answer the Same Question
Write It Down, Even Though You Don't Need To
Let People Overhear Your Compliment
Nod Up, Not Down
Think Before Sending an Annual Holiday Card

I think everybody could benefit from reading this, even if you're a natural speaker. For more information about this book and others written by Lowndes, visit her website here.

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  1. It sounds like a fantastic book! I think I might pick up a copy. Thanks for the review.


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