Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hook It Up

When it comes to my purse, I'm a little paranoid. It does after all, store my money, my ID, and most importantly my toddler's snacks. It would be a terrible thing if it were lost or stolen. It is for this reason that I tend to guard my purse rather closely and try not to let go of it. This can be rather problematic when dining in restaurants. I need my hands to eat, but I don't like to put my purse on the floor or on the chair beside me. Therefore, I usually end up keeping it in my lap making me look unattractive and bulky.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to hang your purse up where you could keep an eye on it? Look no further than the FUMI! This is a trendy product that works three ways: as a purse hook, as an accessory and as a bracelet. There's a great selection of designs - I received the Charming, in classic silver. The FUMI provides an elegant way to hang up your purse. The hook attaches easily to the table, where you can then hang your purse from it and eat in peace. You can also "dress" up your purse with it to give it that extra edge, or wear it as a bracelet. My arms are freakishly skinny though, so I probably won't be using it as a bracelet. Still, I'm happy to have found a way to take my purse out in public without having to worry as much. Check out the website for more info, to purchase and watch to watch a fun video demonstration!

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  1. My cousin just got one of these and she whipped it out during lunch. Pretty handy! It kept her purse off the icky ground

  2. I heard about these things and I've been meaning to get one. Will definitely have to check out the website -thanks for the post!

  3. And I just read an article in Parents that said how filthy purses are...apparently they have more bacteria than a toilet seat. So better on a hook than a table!


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