Friday, August 21, 2009

Raise a Happy, Confident Child

As a mother of a small child, I worry about a lot of things. I worry about whether he's eating enough, if he's happy, if he'll grow up to be a good person. I worry about things that could have a negative influence on him, things I can't control. That's why I always try to focus on the positive, be the best mama I can be, and guide him along the journey of life with an upbeat attitude.

That's why I'm so glad to have books like Liking Myself and The Mouse, The Monster and Me to help me out. Both books are written by Pat Palmer, and meant to guide young children as they strive to understand, manage, and talk about their feelings.

Liking Myself, for example is all about feelings and what to do with them. Children learn that it's okay to have all types of feelings and how to express these feelings without hurting others. Most importantly it's about being yourselff and being happy with who you are. The Mouse, The Monster and Me focuses on being assertive. This one is about making good choices and standing up for yourself. I really wish that I had read this book as a child because admittedly, I used to be the "mouse" being walked on by the "people monsters." The beauty though, is that it's never too late and I'm glad that got the chance to read it now and be able to share it with my son.

These are wonderful books to read alone and with your child. I absolutely love the layout - both books are hand-lettered with black and white sketches, making for a charming, easy read. Helpful exercises are scattered throughout and the tone overall is upbeat. They're also a confidence booster. I felt so much better about myself after reading them! Their message is simple but can go a long way in giving our children the skills that they need to handle any situation in a non-violent manner. I would recommend these books to anyone, whether they have children or not. You can order them here. What a great way to teach and uplift ourselves and those around us!

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  1. I like the sound of these books...will definitely have to check them out when moo gets older

  2. Maybe you were a mouse- but- you also had a way about you that made people want to spoil you ! Remember when you were little at school , the other girls would carry your books and treat you like a little doll ? You can't teach adorable ! I always thought you were perfect the way you were - but I am biased !


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