Friday, August 7, 2009

Walk in Style with Pediped

When it comes to dressing my son, I don't really care what he wears as long as he has great shoes. Sure, I like him to wear cute clothes, but that's not as important as having quality shoes. Since he spends much of his time running, a soft, flexible rubber sole is essential. And since he may as well look stylish while he's at it, I have absolute trust in Pediped to provide exactly what I'm looking for in a shoe.

When my son was learning to walk, he had a pair of Pediped shoes from the Originals collection. I loved how soft they were, yet they still provided support. Now that he's two and extremely active, he's best suited for the Flex collection. These shoes use advanced technology to ensure maximum flexibility and to absorb shock in the heel.

My son got to try out the Zach style from the Flex collection. This shoe is part of Pediped's fabulous Fall/Winter 09 collection. Included among the 27 new styles is the introduction of the first ever Originals “The Couture Collection” and a partnership with No Slippy Hair Clippy™ that led to the creation of coordinated hair clips for signature pediped™ style shoes. I have to say that the Zach shoes are totally his style, they smell fantastic (they're made with fine leather after all) and they look great on him! Best of all, he likes them too. Often, when I try to put new clothing or new shoes on him he refuses. I didn't have any trouble putting these on him, and he was only too happy to run outside and play:

You can view the entire collection and purchase these stylin' shoes at Pediped.

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