Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mickey's Trick or Treat Party!

If anyone knows how to throw a great party, it's Disney! Last Friday, hubby and I were given the awesome opportunity to take our "Lil' Frankie" to Disney's Calfornia Adventure for Mickey's Trick or Treat Party. The place was hopping! The event took place in the evening, so I was a little worried that our son would be tired and cranky, or even fall asleep but the magic of Disney lured him in and he had a wonderful time.There were groovy tunes playing throughout the park (which was decorated lavishly), lively dancers and a generous number of trick or treat stations. This was our son's first time trick or treating and he absolutely loved having candy tossed in his "punkin." Check out all the candy! There were all kinds of treats available, including delicious Ghirardelli chocolate squares and healthy options like raisins, fruit leathers and apple slices.

Our little frankenstein waited patiently at each stop for his treat. He loved it!

Another bonus was that all of the regular rides and attractions were open during the party. The one ride my husband and I made sure to go on was Soarin' Over California. If you've yet to experience it, you are missing out. It's a simulated hang glider where you literally feel like you're flying through breathtaking scenes of California. So. Much. Fun. We couldn't take the little one on it, but we made up for it with Heimlichs Chew Chew Train, which was a big hit. If you want to experience a fabulous party for the whole family, Mickey's Trick or Treat is the place to be! Here are a few of the things you'll encounter:

· 25 Treat Stops located throughout Disney’s California Adventure
· All your favorite Disney’s California Adventure rides and attractions
· A Hollywood Bat-Lot Bash in Hollywood Pictures Backlot
· A nightly “Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat on the Street” cavalcade
· Character photo locations featuring Disney villains, princesses and other favorites
. Pirate’s Wharf, a transformation of the Pacific Wharf area into an entertainment area, photo location, craft area and games area

For more information and to purchase tickets, go here. After a night of fun partying, we were tired but absolutely content:

Thank you Disney, for providing us with a magical night out on the town!

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  1. That is a WHOLE lot of candy! I'm so jealous -looks like a lot of fun. We need to plan a Disney cruise for 2011!

  2. What a fun time! Makes me wish we lived close to a Disney park! :-)

  3. Oh my ! I hope he's saved some candy for me ! I love the photos- the 1st when he's all excited and the 2nd when he is sleeping from fun and excitment overload - so cute !


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