Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes a random thought will pop into my head and remain there for a number of days. These thoughts are always simple - it can be an observation, a useful tip, a feeling, an idea, a memory, or a quote I've just discovered. I usually don't do anything with these thoughts, but I don't want to forget them so I decided to create a place where I could share them. If you'd like to share your own thoughts, leave them in the comments, or email me and I may feature your thought in a future post.
Today's Thought:

Um, so I need a good pillow suggestion...every pillow I buy I end up not liking. I want something fluffy, yet not so soft that it just sinks and loses its shape within a week. Any suggestions?

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  1. What kind of a sleeper are you? (side, back, etc) many pillows now will say what kind of sleep they are best for, that might help you find a winner!

  2. I am liking my tempurpedic pillow - at first I didn't , but now I find that it gives the best support . However it's not fluffy or soft- but after awhile you might prefer how it feels .

  3. Have you tried a memory foam pillow? I got one at Costco and now I take it everywhere I go because I can't get a good night's sleep without it!

  4. I wish I could afford a Tempurpedic pillow. I'm not loving my pillows either.

  5. Get the tempurpedic pillow -it's pricey, but totally worth the investment. I've been using mine for 8 years now.


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