Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus

Having read and enjoyed The Legend of Honey Hollow by Jeanne McNaney earlier this year, I was excited to have the opportunity to read her latest book Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus. This new book explores the lives of orangutans and the importance of conserving their natural habitat in Sumatra. It tells the story of Gus, a gutsy, young orangutan, who discovers his parents have been trapped by hunters. It's up to him and his new friends, a little girl named Maya and Gabriella, the guardian of the jungle to save his parents and to teach the trappers an important lesson.

The book is engaging and sometimes sad. It really paints a picture of reality and how easy it is to lose sight of what's important and become consumed by greed. However, it is also a story of hope and how it is possible to change for the good - at times it almost feels spiritual. I read this to my two year old son who usually has limited patience, but he was engrossed from beginning to end. I know that in addition to the story, the magnificent illustrations by David Cochard helped keep his attention. They are rich, vibrant and a pure joy to look at. I'm happy that there are quality, educational books like this one out there that can help me teach my son to appreciate the world he lives in. To learn more about the book and to get your own copy, you can visit the website here.

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