Saturday, December 5, 2009

San Diego Saturday

Welcome to San Diego Saturday! Updated as needed, this column is where I'll provide info about noteworthy events, attractions and fun things to do around town.

One of my favorite things to do is eat, and thankfully San Diego has a lot of good food. Here are just a few of my absolute faves:

Lobster Bisque - Blue Point Coastal Cuisine

Ever since I moved to San Diego five years ago, I had been meaning to try Blue Point Coastal Cuisine. I finally tried it two months ago and it was worth the wait. What really knocked my socks off though, was the Lobster Bisque. I have never tasted lobster bisque this good in my life. It has a wonderful, creamy consistency, tastes really great at first and has an even better aftertaste. Sometimes I dream about going back there just for the bisque.

White Hot Chocolate and Surfing Goat Ping Pong Bruschetta with Maui Mango Chutney - Extraordinary Desserts

Okay, so pretty much everything is divine at Extraordinary Desserts. You can read my previous review here. I've never been to the Hillcrest location, just the Downtown one. Whenever I go though, I make sure to get the White Hot Chocolate. I don't know what makes it so good - I think there's a hint of lavender in it maybe. And they serve it with a light, frothy, delicious whipped cream. As long as I get this, I really don't need anything else - oh except for the Surfing Goat Ping Pong Bruschetta. Just try it. You'll thank me.

Mojito-lime Cookie - Azucar

Azucar is a delightful Cuban Pattisserie in Ocean Beach that specializes in yummy desserts and other specialty Cuban items like croquetas, pastelitos and Cuban sandwiches. All delicious. One time my husband ordered the Mojito-lime cookie and made an amazing discovery. The cookie tastes almost exactly like the White Hot Chocolate from Extraordinary Desserts! Say no more.

Caramel Flan - El Pollo Loco

That's right, El Pollo Loco, the fast food chicken restaurant has the best caramel flan out there. I've ordered it numerous times at other restaurants and they just can't compare to the rich, creamy texture that this one has. Get some chicken too while you're there...it's all good stuff.

Duck Tacos and Arugula & Pear Pizza - Sammy's Woodfired Pizza

Sammy's Woodfired Pizza has a lot of interesting menu items, including the mini duck tacos. Despite choking on them the first time I ate them and actually fearing that I might not be able to breathe again, I always order them whenever I go. There's just something about that duck with feta cheese, roma tomatoes, cabbage and creamy tomato cilantro sauce that makes me crave them. And the Arugula & Pear sounds weird but I guess that's the point. Doesn't matter to me as long as it's delicious, which it is.

Fish Tacos and Water - Ortega's Mexican Buffet & Pizzeria

Yes, it's a Mexican buffet and yes, it has pizza but I've never tried either. The reason I go to Ortega's is for the best fried fish taco in San Diego. Trust me on this. And the water? It's just regular tap water served in pitchers but for some reason it's GOOD. And you can get bendy straws there - perfect for the kids.

Hogs & Heifers Burger - Bare Back Grill

I know everyone has their preferred hamburger joint, and mine is Bare Back Grill. We're talking New Zealand burger and sandwiches made with 100% organic beef. I'm not even a fan of beef (in fact, for years I didn't eat it for fear of mad cow disease.) Now I only eat it on special occasions, and any trip to Bare Back Grill for a Hogs & Heifers burger is a reason to celebrate.

Salmon Relleno con Marisco - Costa Brava

Spanish tapas has always been a favorite of mine. It's fun to share yummy, little dishes and the ones at Costa Brava in Pacific Beach are delish. The real reason I go however, is for the Salmon Relleno con Marisco, or in other words, the fabulous stuffed salmon. Fresh salmon, stuffed with seafood in a lobster bisque sauce...come on now. You just don't argue with something like that.

How about you? What are your favorite things to eat in San Diego or elsewhere?

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  1. all this food sounds amazing! you're making me hungry {and want to visit san diego} stopping in from sits

  2. I love food, and this all sounds incredibly yummy....makes me want to visit.

  3. What a great assortment of food you have available there! Everything sounds delicious! :-)

  4. I love extraordinary desserts!! I'm going to have to try that bruschetta now--it sounds yum!!

  5. hi i just found your blog :)) all this places sound so good. I just moved to San Diego... well its been 8 months since i moved!


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