Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The other day, I asked my son what he wanted for breakfast. "Soup!" was his answer, and so soup it was. Lately, he's been really into clam chowder - he loves going to Souplantation and partaking of all the soupy goodness there. Here he is getting ready to "chow" down:

He started shoveling the soup with such enthusiasm that it was hard not to laugh. Actually, I did laugh at him. He was too busy shoveling to care.

He finally took a break long enough to exclaim "Mmm, good soup!" Adorable. Perhaps we should have soup for breakfast more often.

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  1. He is so sweet! I've never heard of a little one wanting soup for breakfast! Candy and cookies, but not soup! At least it's healthy! :-)

  2. There's cooking group in my ward and they just made this soup (I don't know what's called), but it was so gooooooooood. I'll send you the recipe, Keenan might like it.

  3. Hehe! He's got good taste. I'm a fan of soup too...although not necessarily for breakfast.

  4. LOL--he's like me--I'll eat anything for breakfast :) My husband always makes fun of me when I pull out leftovers and start heating it up. Good thing your son has a mom who lets him "eat outside the box"!


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