Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pediped - Taking Shoes To A Whole New Level

My son's favorite pair of shoes are his "brown shoes." He's worn nothing else the past two weeks and I can't say I blame him. Pediped has always been my personal fave for infant and toddler shoes. It's hard to imagine that they can get any better, but this Spring they've stepped it up a notch with some pretty innovative technology.

Select styles feature Memory Foam Technology which, to me sounds heavenly. A cushioned insole perfectly shapes to the foot, improves fit and provides the ultimate in comfort. Then there's the Dryz Technology. The shoes feature an odor resistant insole that controls both moisture and temperature. They are also machine washable! This is super convenient, especially since my son seems to have a talent for getting (and running) into everything. My son can even put these shoes on by himself. I love how Pediped makes everything so easy.

Want a pair for your favorite baby or toddler? Check out the goodness here.

*I received a sample for review purposes.

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  1. I LOVE soft shoes for babies and toddlers. Have adults ever tried to walk in shoes that don't bend?
    Moms of the happy kids

  2. I love Pediped! It was my son's first shoe and one of our favorites. Your son has good taste!

  3. Those are CUTE shoes. I'm going to need to keep my eye on Pediped. I wonder if they have any pretty sandals for little girls.... :)



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