Monday, June 28, 2010


You may have noticed that I never refer to my son by his name on my blog. I realized that this may seem a bit impersonal to my readers, so from now on I would like to refer to him by his nickname. Meet Bean:

He's got a smile that melts my heart, loves his footie pajamas and constantly has messy hair (except when Daddy combs it). Bean recently turned three, and every day I am amazed at how much he's growing and the things that he's learning. His little personality is really starting to shine. These are a few cute, strange and surprising things he's been doing lately:

1. For some reason he will not go barefoot and insists on wearing socks all the time. Over the last couple of weeks he has learned to put his socks on himself - inside out. He'll want me to put his socks on for him in the morning, then later he'll take them off, pick the lint out of his toes and put them on again inside out. It's become a daily ritual for him. Go figure.

2. If you offer him something that he doesn't want, he'll say "No thank you" in the most adorable voice. This just started a couple of days ago. I hope it lasts.

3. We recently bought Bean a new toy train "Rosie" from Thomas and Friends and he is officially obsessed. He insists on sleeping with it. When we go out he insists on taking Rosie in the car, which he's never done with any other toy. I think it has something to do with the fact that she's purple, which seems to be his favorite color lately. It used to be green but now I think it's switched to purple.

4. Bean has never been a big listener of music. He has a couple of favorite songs like "Baby Beluga" by Raffi, but other than that he's just never shown much interest. He'll tolerate a group of people singing but hates it when I try to sing to him. Our neighbor gave him a bunch of children's CDs the other day and I politely took them, thinking he wouldn't want to listen to them. Well, he actually put one in the CD player all by himself and is now a full fledged fan of "Old Macdonald Had A Farm." He even listens to the other songs and exclaims "I like this suket!" (Suket is his word for music.) So there's progress in the music area.

5. Speaking of progress, after a year of on and off trying, I've finally gotten him to look at his potty chair without screaming. He'll even sit on it for a few seconds. If he keeps this up, maybe one day he'll actually be potty trained. Wish me luck!

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  1. I was nice seeing you guys, even for a short time. He has grown so much. Though I miss his baby cheeks.

  2. Levi's scared of the potty too. Not sure why. I've never even tried to potty train him. I just had the chair available for him. He started to use it occasionally awhile back, but now there's no way. I've never met an normal adult who didn't know how to use the bathroom, so no worries!

  3. He is such a cutie, I love the messy hair. He'll love going back and reading all these one day.


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