Friday, June 25, 2010

Listen To This: Laws Of Illusion

Here's a fun fact - I used to live directly behind Sarah McLachlan's house in Vancouver. I used to stand in the backyard and gaze at the myriad of candles she would have lit in the windows. We would see her walking her dog and politely exchange "hellos." One year my friends and I even went trick or treating at her house. She gave out Reese peanut butter cups, which solidified her coolness as a neighbor.

I was in high school when she moved in, and that's about the time I got into her music. I wasn't really into any music besides Classical, and I guess I only started listening to her because she was my neighbor. I'm glad I did though, because I it was actually very relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. Sarah's music was the perfect way to de-stress after a long day and feel at peace. It's been seven years since her last album so I was excited to hear her new compilation, Laws Of Illusion. The album is everything you'd expect it to be along with some surprising edgier sounds, but all in all it's got that signature chill feeling that puts you at ease. There are some especially great songs on here, including Loving You Is Easy and Changes. And if that wasn't enough, Lilith Fair, the all women touring festival that she founded, is back! You can check the schedule and see if they will be stopping anywhere near you. Welcome back, Sarah McLachlan...after seven long years it's good to hear you again.

Thank you to One2One Network for this review opportunity.

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