Saturday, July 30, 2011

San Diego Saturday

Welcome to San Diego Saturday! Updated as needed, this column is where I'll provide info about noteworthy events, attractions and fun things to do around town.

You know those self-serve frozen yogurt places that are popular right now? I was never a fan of them - there's too many flavors to choose from, you have to serve the yogurt yourself and it never looks pretty, and the cups are too big. All that changed when I learned about Yougurtland and their limited cross promotion with Sanrio. You can enter the Friends Forever Summer Sweepstakes and win some fun prizes. More importantly though, if you visit Yogurtland right now, the cups and spoons are Sanrio themed and so cute!

We went yesterday and it was totally worth it. I had Hubby fill the cup up and the yogurt was actually really yummy. The pistachio and caramel almond flavors were especially good. And the lychee topping was refreshing. It was the perfect summer treat and I'm keeping the cup and spoon forever! There's about five weeks left in the promotion so get down there soon. A store locator can be found here. Some stores are even selling special Sanrio merchandise so you might want to call before you go if that's something you're interested in. Thanks Mira Mesa Mom for letting me know about this!

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  1. I actually love those self-serve frozen yogurt places, BUT...I agree that the cups are way too big. I think they're purposefully huge so that the cup will weigh more (and cost more), don't you?


  2. Oh how funny, I just went this weekend for this promo too!


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