Friday, August 5, 2011

Mama Sparkles Confidential

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Here's one that may not come as a surprise:
I hate talking on the phone. I avoid it at all costs. It's hard to pinpoint just one reason why. It's just not enjoyable for me. It could have something to do with the fact that I don't like my voice or that I feel awkward when I talk. I express myself better with written words than with spoken ones.

The whole process of using the phone is somewhat scary. When I call someone for the first time, I get incredibly nervous. The ringing while waiting for the other person to pick up is agony. Then, once they do pick up, you have to introduce yourself, explain your reason for calling and then find a way to end the call without sounding rude. Or, if they don't pick up, you have to leave a message and run the risk of sounding stupid, without any way of undoing what you've said. This tense situation can all be avoided by writing a simple email that will take a only a minute or two to compose. Kinda makes you wonder why I worked as a reservations agent at a hotel, where all I did was talk on the phone all day. It did make me more comfortable with using the phone...perhaps I should do that again sometime.

I don't even have a real cell phone. I have a pay as you go phone that I use minimally. I hardly ever answer my landline. The ringer is usually turned off anyway. If somebody I like leaves a message, I'll pick it up. This is actually an excellent way to weed out telemarketers. And, if I don't answer the phone for you it doesn't mean I don't like you...maybe I'm really not home.

That said, I do think having a phone is necessary. Sometimes, you just have to talk to someone right away. Like in emergency situations. Or, if I get separated from my Hubby at a store (which happens quite a bit and I tend to freak out when it does), it's rather handy to be able to call him and ask him where he is. Other than that, I see no use for a cell phone. And I suppose my landline is useful for calling emergency services (which I've done) and for calling close friends and family who don't make me hyperventilate when I have to call them. For everything else, I have an iPod Touch to make me feel cool.

Please don't ever hesitate to call me though. Just know that I may not always answer right away, or you may get a response via email. Anyone else out there feel the same way about the phone or is it just me?

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  1. I am exactly the same way. Even if I'm starving, I will hesitate to call and order pizza. Thank goodness you can do that online now!

  2. You could be related to Gerry! He too hates the phone. You do write VERY welly.

  3. You spoke so well when you did the T.V. segment about comic con . You have a lovely voice .

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  5. Hand held high. I have an iphone and no land line. I selectively answer my phone, and I frequently have it on silent. I'm just not a phone person.

  6. I don't like talking on the phone either, I'd much rather e-mail and for much of the same reasons. The only people I can call easily without the slightest bit of nervousness are my mom, sister and husband. I think it's from being a stay-at-home mom for so long, because when I worked outside the home I didn't have any trouble. I don't have a cell phone and if I did it would be a pay as you go like yours, just for emergencies :-)

  7. Oh I am a phone person if I am talking to an old friend. I can clean my house twice as fast.

  8. No, you are not alone. I hate calling and I love emailing. My friend recently introduced me to texting, and now I love it, too!


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