Thursday, August 18, 2011

Me and dENiZEN

I'm a pretty easy going person...but nothing frustrates me more than buying a new pair of jeans. In fact, I would probably still be wearing my jeans from high school if they hadn't gotten all yellow and disgusting looking. The reason for my resistance is that jeans simply don't seem to fit me properly. This is because I need the smallest waist size available, but then they're always too short in the legs, even if I get the "long" length. Then the only way to get the length is to get a bigger size, and then they don't fit me in the waist. And if I do manage to actually find a style that fits okay, they cost a lot of money and always seem to be discontinued when I return to buy more. So then I'm back to square one. Yes, it's frustrating.

dENiZEN America Jeans debuted in July 2011, and are from the maker of Levi Strauss & Co. I figured it couldn't hurt to give them a try, especially since after giving birth my one pair of jeans don't fit anymore. Check them out:

Let me just say that I like them so much that I decided to wear them to the BlogHer conference a few weeks ago. They're snug in the waist, yet still comfy, and have plenty of length with a little bit of stretch. And the best part? The price! These are available at Target with prices ranging from $17.99-$29.99. You really can't beat that. I want to buy a pair for everyone in my family! I'm so excited to have finally found jeans that fit me AND are easy to obtain and purchase. I have a feeling me and dENiZEN are gonna be pals.

Follow dENiZEN America on Facebook to learn more about this great brand at Target!

Thank you to Team Mom and dENiZEN for the complimentary pair of jeans and review opportunity.

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  1. Trying again to see if my comments work

  2. I opened an acct. and hope it works

  3. When you were in high school you always wore those French jeans- were they called Big Star or something , also Miss Sixty , Morgan des Toi and those Cop Copine stuff from Zioni, which was your favorite shop . French clothes were the only kind that fit you- BUT they were very expensive . I can't believe you found nice jeans for that price - lucky . Even in high school all your jeans cost $ 150 and up . Maybe the U.S. has much better prices.

  4. I'll have to check these out next time I'm at Target! They look great and the price is definitely right! ;-)


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