Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kidlandia - Personalized Gifts To Last A Lifetime

Kidlandia allows kids and their families to create personalized kingdoms of their very own, making for a fun, educational experience. From stretched canvases, fine art prints, posters, canvas scrolls, fleece blankets and much more, these are creations that look great and feature your own design that you can feel proud to display anywhere.

I asked Bean what he wanted to create. The placemats and the growth charts were tempting, but in the end we decided to go with a canvas scroll. We could choose from many themes, including Disney's Cars, VeggieTales, Spongebob Squarepants and other imaginary lands. Bean wanted the Play Paradise theme, so that's what we chose to personalize. The personalization was a simple process. There are places to write the child's name, birthday, title, plus up to 25 additional names. Bean had a great time listing all of his friends and family, and watching as they magically appeared on his map.

When it came in the mail, I was impressed with the quality. It was much sturdier and more colorful than I had anticipated. We found a place for it in his room and now Bean loves to look at his creation and see where everybody is. The process was easy, fun and one that I would definitely recommend, especially if you're looking for unique gift ideas. There are a myriad of products available, with something to suit everybody. Check out the entire line here.

*Thank you to Kidlandia, who provided me with a sample to review.

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  1. Very cute! Would be fun to explore with the kids.

  2. Hi, this Kidlandia Products are brilliant. I have just gone to the website and i liked everything i saw. It's definitely something worth purchasing to have fun with the kids. Especially this days, this little brats are getting smarter much faster than we did. Cheers!!

  3. Thanks Kidlandia... very talented... i have a website here personalized giftsBaby gifts personalized and unique for each child are so special and mean so much!


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