Monday, October 3, 2011

Taste of Mama Sparkles - Smashburger

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Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the newest location of Smashburger in Kearny Mesa. I went with a friend and we were able to try out anything on the menu (except for the milkshakes, which we were given samples of).

Smashburger is known for their fresh, certified angus beef that's never frozen. The meat is smashed on a flat grill to sear in the juicy flavors. Finally, every smashburger is served on a butter toasted artisan bun and topped with a selection of real cheeses, fresh produce, and top-quality condiments. I had heard so much about their signature San Diego Smashburger so that's what I opted to try. It's loaded with fresh avocado, cilantro and onions, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and spicy chipotle mayo on a torta roll. The combination of flavors was outstanding, making for a very tasty, delicious burger. I also got some smashfries which were equally yummy.

My friend went for the Spicy Baja because she loves jalapeƱos. It also had pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, and spicy chipotle mayo on a spicy chipotle bun. Sweet potato fries are on the side.

We were given samples of the milkshakes, made with Haagen Dazs ice cream. I preferred the vanilla to the chocolate but both were refreshing. The real ingredients in the food really made a difference. These were fresh burgers at their best. We left happy and extremely full and satisfied.

For all you San Diegans out there, Smashburger is giving us a little tour of Chicago for the month of October. The Windy City burger is made with juicy, smashed-to-order, 100% Certified Angus Beef, topped with layers of melted cheddar cheese, haystack onions, lettuce, tomato, and Gulden’s® spicy mustard on a hand-cut pretzel roll. This signature burger is only available until October 31st, so get there now! Check out Smashburger online for more info, locations and to view the entire menu.

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  1. Okay, that post made my mouth water and my stomach growl...and I just ate! LOL! I am definitely going to have to look up a Smashburger when I'm on the other side of the state...I see they have a couple locations that way :-)

  2. I need to go when I come to San Diego- looks so yummy !


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