Sunday, January 15, 2012


If there's one thing that I love having multiple varieties of, it's bags. I love that there are all different colors, styles, and sizes to choose from - keeps things interesting and a little more enjoyable when you're constantly running around with two little children!

This Iotababy Carryall is the newest addition to my bag collection. I love all the bright colors and it works great as a diaper bag when I need to carry a lot of baby gear. It would also work well as a beach bag, overnight bag or any kind of bag, really!

This bag doesn't mess around. It has seven interior pockets to keep everything neat and organized. This is genius, since I'm known for losing things quite easily. I think the best part though, is the fact that the pockets are laminated for easy cleanup. Every one of my other bags has crumbs or sticky melted chocolate stuck inside the pockets, which is kinda gross when I reach in to get something. I'm loving that this bag is so easy to clean!

I also received the Mom's Zip Cases which makes for even more storage and easy organization. They're great for storing my daughter's food when we go out, makeup, medicine, or other small items. So handy and they go perfectly with the carryall.

The Iotababy Carryall sells for $54.95 and the Mom's Zip Cases are $23.95 for all three. Find them at The Organized Parent and add a new fun bag to your collection!

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*Thank you to The Organized Parent for this product review

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