Monday, October 21, 2013

A Skylanders Halloween

Last week, Bean got this:

He had been waiting months for his Skylanders Swapforce game and pretty much did whatever we asked him to until he got to play it. To sweeten the deal, we were sent this awesome Jet-Vac costume from the Skylanders franchise.
The Valiant Sky Baron, Jet-Vac. One of Bean's favorite characters.

The costume is a little too big for him right now, but he can't wait to wear it. Pinga actually ended up stealing the mask and wearing it on her little head all night long. I have to say, the mask is probably the coolest part of the costume. The jumpsuit feels very comfy and the webbed shoe covers are a bonus.

This costume is great for Halloween of course, but it also works on so many other levels. It would be perfect for a Skylanders themed party. I bet Bean would also love to wear it to our annual trip to Comic-Con! He's already talking about other Skylanders character constumes that he would love to wear. It's so neat to see the Skylanders come to life with these costumes!

Skylanders costumes are available for purchase online here and here. Which one is your favorite?

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