Friday, April 18, 2014

Disneynature's Bears = Warm Fuzzies

This past week, our whole family had a date at the movies to see an advanced screening of the latest Disneynature title, Bears.
I've been wanting to see this movie for a while, solely for the fact that hubby kinda reminds me of a bear. Also, I thought that the trailer looked adorable and the kids would probably enjoy the movie as well.

Bears delivered all this, and much more. Yes, there is one bear in particular that looks almost exactly like hubby, and the cubs are almost too cute. The narration has a tendency to get a little cheesy (which I think the kids actually liked) and create unnecessary drama at times, but the cinematography more than makes up for it.

The movie is absolutely gorgeous. It felt like we were right there with the bears - the credits actually show that the filmmakers were in fact quite close to them, which surprised me. There are some breathtaking scenes, including one of the cubs playing at the beach, that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. There are also a couple of good bear fights. It's fascinating to watch the bears catch fish, and to see the way they react to other wildlife. It's amazing to see the sacrifices that these bears go through, and the hardships that they endure.

Most of all, I enjoyed the parallels between the bears and ourselves. Sky, the mother bear reminded me of my own mother, with the love that she has for me, and the valuable lessons that she taught me. The cubs are exactly like my children; Bean is like the male cub, always running off and getting into mischief. My Pinga is exactly like the female cub. She sticks close to mom, no matter what.

Disneynature's Bears opens in theaters today. Go see it, and don't miss the end credits. Enter the world of bears, and hug your teddy bear a little closer tonight.

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