Friday, February 10, 2017

Now Playing: LEGO Batman!

Ever since we watched The LEGO Movie, the kids have been even more obsessed with Legos than they usually are. We really didn't think anything could get more awesome, until we saw The LEGO Batman movie! Batman is just so cool, we can't stand it. The movie is a non-stop, action packed classic that's filled with cheesy jokes, tributes to past appearances, and stunning visuals.

The story is your basic, Batman vs. Joker and his gang of super villains feat. Throw in the new police commissioner Barbara Gordon, Alfred the butler and Dick Grayson the orphan boy, and you've got a cast of colorful characters which can't be beat.

But underneath all the silly jokes, playful dialogue, and awesome ridiculous music, is a movie that has real heart. I actually saw a lot of myself in this film! Batman is a lonely man, whether he wants to admit it or not, and is forced to accept that working as a team is the only way to defeat the joker. And somewhere along the way, maybe he'll discover his true friends (and enemies!), and perhaps have the family he's been longing for all along. It's really about finding out who you truly are.

Both kids and adults will be entertained by this movie. There are lots of laugh out loud moments and a few sentimental ones as well. It is absolutley awesome and in the words of Batman, "that was fun!"

Now to try and find all the Lego Batman minifigs the kids are begging for...

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