Friday, March 24, 2017

Now Playing - A Beauty of a Film

Disney's Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite movies and definitely my favorite musical soundtrack. I was so excited to go to the new live action version of the film to see if it lived up the animated one from my childhood. And it does! First, some shots of Belle:

Wait a minute - that's Pinga, not Belle. But Emma Watson gives a spledid performance as Beauty, and I love the added twist of making her the inventor alongside her father. Her strong, independent portrayal of the character felt fresh and fitting. The film follows the original animated version pretty closely, with a few added surprises, that feel natural and blend into the story very well. The songs did not disappoint either! The whole cast is delightful in the musical numbers, from their costumes to their voices and is definitely a highlight. The cinematography is incredible and the scenary in France looks absolutely gorgeous. This tale as old as time certainly stands up to the test of time, and in some ways surpasses it! Two thumbs up!

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