Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog Makeover

Okay, I've been thinking lately that my blog could use a makeover. For starters, a new,interesting header would be good and might spice things up a little. Unfortunately, I'm still learning the ways of blogging, designs and what not, so it may be a while before that happens. I just found out about this website, The Trendy Mommy Blog Designs and they are giving away five free blog makeovers to five lucky winners! Visit their website to enter the contest but you have to hurry - it ends tonight at midnight. In case I don't win, does anyone have any good makeover ideas for me?

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  1. www.cuppycakedesigns.com does adorable work! I'm thinking about looking into it myself.

  2. Do you have Photoshop? If so, you can design your own header and corresponding buttons. Read this tutorial: http://www.photoshopsupport.com/tutorials/jennifer/blog-templates.html.

    I hope you win the contest! I like your blog a lot and I think a personalized header and new design would launch your site to the next level.

  3. The five lucky winners of our Blog Makeover Contest are:

    1. Kristin

    2. Stacey Moore

    3. Jenny

    4. Cam

    5. Liberto Family

    Thank you all for entering - and for those that did not win if you decide to makeover your blog you will receive 20% off your entire order! Just remind us that you participated in this contest when placing your order.

  4. I actually really like your blog the way it is!


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