Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Clubs

Since it's my birthday today, I thought that I would tell you about some Birthday Clubs so that you can have more fun on your special day! The first one I'm signed up for is Coldstone Creamery. I love their ice cream! Join the club for a free "Creation" in honor of your birthday.

Join Baskin-Robbins' birthday club for a free 2.5 scoop of ice cream. I'll be going here tonight!

You can get a free burger on your birthday at Red Robin for joining their e-club. Free food is always a reason to celebrate!

Sign your kids up for Geoffrey's Birthday Club at Toys R Us. Your child will receive a birthday card and surprise gift in time for their birthday.

For kids 10 and under, mail or fax an application for the birthday club at Denny's. They'll get a free kid's meal and sundae.

Do you know any other good birthday clubs? How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

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  1. Oh, I love coldstone!
    Happy Birthday, Marissa! I hope you have an absolutely terrific year.

  2. ugh... i'm so sorry, i forgot. i'll make it up to you! how about a stamp camp on me. or a girls night on me.

  3. You'll love this new website - http://freebirthdaytreats.com/default.aspx. :)

  4. try California Pizza Kitchen, they give free food for birthday children also!


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