Monday, March 17, 2008

Guilty Pleasure- Eating Baby Snacks

Okay, I admit it: I love to eat my baby's snacks. The other day I was at Henry's Farmers Market and I wandered over to the baby aisle. The Earth's Best organic cookies and crackers were on sale and so I picked up a box of Organic Crunchin' Crackers and a box of Organic Letter of the Day Cookies. Well, we got home and the baby started fussing. I opened the box of Crunchin' Crackers and gave him one. It calmed him down a little so I gave him another one. And then I decided to try one myself. It was crunchy all right...and buttery...and amazingly good. I ate another one. Then I glanced at the Letter of the Day cookies. "We're not even going to go there" I thought to myself. And we didn't - because let's just say that it hasn't even been a week and the Crunchin' Crackers are no more. I feel kind of bad about that. I don't even want to know how good the cookies are. Actually, I've had the cookies before. They come in two flavors: Very Vanilla and Oatmeal Cinnamon. The Very Vanilla ones are really good, but fortunately they're a bit heavy and so you don't feel the urge to eat more than a couple at a time. This last trip I bought the Oatmeal Cinnamon flavor, and they are staying put on the shelf for now.

Even before I discovered these wonderful (and supposedly healthy) snacks by Earth's Best, I was "stealing" food from the baby. I eat his Cheerios all the time. I hadn't had Cheerios since I was a kid, and when I gave them to him for the first time I was amazed at how good they tasted. The same goes for Ritz crackers. Apparently they were my favorite crackers as a baby. I can see why. And don't even get me started on Arrowroot cookies. I wonder if any other moms eat their baby's snacks, or if I'm alone in doing so. Anyone want to own up? What's your favorite baby snack?

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  1. Arrowroot cookies are fantastic! you have to try the Gerber Pureed Fruit and Gerber Vanilla Custard. Normally, I hate custard but this is very good. Robert thinks it's gross. Also, the Gerber Fruit Snacks. They are softer than other fruit snacks so babies can chew them easier. They are so good. When Sage was a baby, I would find myself eating all of his fruit snacks. I always felt so bad about it, but not so bad now that I know you do it too.

  2. Earth's Best snacks are the BEST - especially the Letter of the Day Cookies. I also like Cheerios and Goldfish. Toddler snacks aren't half-bad - it's true.

  3. Arrowroot cookies are the best! I still remember them. Great to read your blog, Marissa. :)

  4. How funny eating your child's food! Baby food must have changed in the last 20+ years as I wouldn't eat the kids food! They had hard graham cracker things years ago. Thank heavens for change.


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