Thursday, March 20, 2008

Horizon Organic Milk

Since I've been into sampling my baby's snacks lately, I thought I may as well try out his milk too. Before you go getting the wrong idea, I'm talking about Horizon Organic milk - you know, the one with the bright yellow cap and the happy cow on the carton. My son is soon going to be ready to have milk, and so I wanted to check out this brand because I had heard that it was a good one to give to kids.

I had noticed the "happy cow" milk at the store before and had always been intrigued by it. I'm not a big milk drinker but something about that cow made me want to drink it. I never bought it though because the price always seemed a bit steep and I don't even like milk that much anyway. Last week however, the milk was on sale so I bought some for my husband and I to try. That evening, I sat down with some cookies and poured myself a glass. It was so good, I was actually shocked that I was really drinking milk. I never could understand families who drink milk every night with their dinner, because I only drink it with cookies. But if I could drink this milk every night I totally would. It's rich, creamy, smooth and has the most wonderful fresh taste. I actually went back to the store later and bought an individual serving of their chocolate milk. It's the best chocolate milk I've ever had. They also have the individual servings in vanilla and strawberry, which I am eager to try.

I then started looking into the benefits of drinking Horizon Organic milk. Obviously it's organic, which means no pesticides, added growth hormones or antibiotics. It also has DHA Omega-3 which is especially good for children and the development of their brain, eyes and heart. Sounds good to me. I will definitely give this to my son when he's ready. Horizon Organic also has a full line of other products such as ice cream, butter, eggs, yogurt and cheese. I would love to try their ice cream! The website has delicious sounding recipes, games and a coupon that you can print for the milk. Sign up for their newsletter and get their latest news and offers, seasonal recipes, activities for kids and more!

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  1. We drink Horizon Organic Milk too. Or I should say my husband and daughter drink it. I'm not a big fan of milk.

  2. I've really been enjoying your blog! I am a big fan of Horizon products. I love my dairy.We also love Stony Field Farms Organic plain yogurt. I never understood plain yogurt, but this stuff is amazing. So rich and creamy. I often add frozen blueberries to it for my daughter but both she and my soon-to-be one year old son LOVE it plain.

  3. Drinking milk with every meal builds strong bones - It's why, as Paul can attest, I've never ever broken a bone, ever. In fact, I've never broken my collar bone or my pinky finger.


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