Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Baby Alligator

Whenever I see something in a store with an alligator on it, I'm tempted to buy it. It's not like I'm a fan of alligators - in fact, meeting an alligator in person would probably be my worst nightmare. I'm pretty sure my fascination with alligators began when my husband said I looked like one. I guess because of the way my eyes look whenever something is suspicious and then I "snap." Uh-huh. The more I paid attention to alligators however, the more I realized how cute they are when presented in a kid-friendly fashion.
On a recent trip to the mall, I wandered aimlessly into Gymboree. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were having an awesome half-off sale, because it meant that I could actually shop for my son. As I browsed the store wondering what I should buy, I saw it: a whole collection of alligator outfits! Or maybe they're crocodiles...whatever they are, they are cute and here is what I got:

An adorable onesie with the matching alligator pants for him to play in, and a collared onesie with alligators all over it to wear to Church. Check out Gymboree for great deals for your little one too. It's worth going to an actual store if you have one near you, because some of the items I found in the store are not available online. I'm so excited for my baby alligator to wear his new outfits!

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  1. I Love Gymboree! I only shop there when they have a sale. My all-time favorites for kids clothes are Children's Place and Old Navy and Target.


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